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Escape to the Shores of Saint Florent: Discover the Most Beautiful Beaches

 Nestled in a tranquil gulf in the north of Corsica, Saint Florent is a prime destination for lovers of the sea and idyllic coastal landscapes. This charming port town, often likened to a smaller Saint-Tropez, provides access to some of the island's most stunning beaches. Here is a selection of the most beautiful beaches to explore around Saint Florent.


La Beach of la Roya: Located immediately close to Saint Florent, La Beach of la Roya is renowned for its fine sand and shallow waters, ideal for swimming and water sports. Surrounded by majestic mountains, this beach offers a spectacular setting for a relaxing day in the sun.


Beach of Saleccia: Accessible by boat or a trail through the Agriates desert, Beach of Saleccia is a true paradise. With its white sand and crystal-clear waters, this secluded beach is a haven of peace for those looking to escape the crowd.


Beach of Loto: Similar to Beach of Saleccia in terms of natural beauty, Plage du Loto offers another tranquil spot in the Agriates desert. Its turquoise waters and wild setting make it a prime location for nature lovers and photographers.


Beach of Ostriconi: On the edge of the Agriates desert, Beach of Ostriconi is a hidden gem. This less-frequented beach is characterized by its golden sand and wild ambiance. It offers a more adventurous beach experience, with breathtaking landscapes.


Beach of Tettola: Near Saint Florent, Beach of Tettola is perfect for families. With easy access and calm waters, it is ideal for swimming and beach games. Moreover, its view over the Gulf of Saint Florent is simply stunning.


Beach of Nonza: Although a bit further away, Beach of Nonza is worth the visit. Unique with its black sand, it offers a different and memorable beach experience. Its wild nature and breathtaking views of the Genoese tower add to its charm.


Sea Excursions from Saint Florent: A Journey to Dream Beaches


Beyond the beauty of the accessible beaches by land, Saint Florent also offers unforgettable sea excursions to paradisiacal beaches, accessible only by boat. These sea journeys provide a different and captivating perspective on the Corsican coastline.


- Escape to the Agriates Desert: The beaches of Saleccia and Loto, nestled in the Agriates desert, are hidden treasures that fully reveal themselves during a sea excursion. The boat trip from Saint Florent is an adventure in itself, offering breathtaking views of the wild and preserved coastline.


- Discovering Unexplored Coasts: Sea walks allow access to secluded coves and secret beaches, unreachable by other means. These hidden gems offer tranquility and natural beauty, far from tourist hustle.


- Nautical Activities and Sea Pleasures: In addition to simple contemplation, these maritime excursions offer the opportunity to engage in various water activities. From snorkeling in clear waters to discovering underwater fauna, each sea outing promises adventures.


- Spectacular Views of the Gulf of Saint Florent: Sailing from Saint Florent, visitors can admire the gulf from a new angle. The panoramic views of the town, the port, and the surrounding mountains are absolutely breathtaking.


Guided and Customized Excursions: Numerous options are available for sea walks, ranging from guided group tours to private custom excursions. These outings are adapted to all tastes and desires, whether it's a full day or just a few hours at sea.


Encounters with Marine Life: These excursions also offer the opportunity to observe the rich marine life of the Mediterranean. It's not uncommon to encounter dolphins or observe seabirds, adding an ecological and educational dimension to the experience.


Setting off on a sea walk from Saint Florent is an exceptional way to discover the hidden beauty of Corsica. It's an invitation to explore, to marvel, and to experience unique moments in the heart of the Mediterranean nature.


Saint Florent is a gateway to a world of dream beaches, each offering a unique experience. Whether you're looking for family beaches, isolated paradises, or places imbued with raw natural beauty, the beaches around Saint Florent on hollidays will captivate you and create unforgettable memories.

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